About us

Situated in rural Angus, Paws n Run offers a fully fenced secure exercise field to run, play and train your furry friends in safety. Set within 1.5 acres, we provide the ideal secure fully fenced retreat, overlooking the stunning Angus hills, whether you are a trainer, professional dog walker, looking to socialise your puppy,  to practice your recall or just have an anxious or reactive dog who needs peace and quiet, privacy and space to run, play, have fun and exercise without the worry of distractions or unexpected meetings, we provide the ideal location for all. We have a fully enclosed car park big enough for several cars and you can also take full advantage of Kohl's kabin, hosting seating, first aid, emergency contacts and a doggy tuck shop where you can buy treats and poo bags. We also have a large field shelter (Saoirse's shelter) within the field, to provide emergency shelter from the elements.