Frequently asked questions

Will there be other dogs in the field?
The field is for your exclusive use, so when you book a time slot it will only be you in the field but feel free to ask along your friends and their dogs to share it as long as the booking covers the number of dogs you bring.
How far in advance can I make a booking?
You can book up to 1 year in advance
How do I book and pay?
You can book via our website and payment can be made by Paypal, debit and credit card
How do I unlock the gates?
You will be sent a text or email with the access PIN number. Align the numbers in the correct order in line with the dashes to unlock. You must reset the numbers to 0000 on locking the gate and leaving.
What if I cant unlock the padlock?
Please call us immediately on 07766140596
Can a group of us come in one session?
We would love you to bring your friends as long as the booking covers all of the dogs in the party.
Is there a maximum number of dogs allowed?
The standard booking covers up to 4 dogs, but you can book additional dogs up to 10 in total. All we ask that you have sufficient supervision for the number of dogs you bring.
What are your opening hours?
There is no lighting in the field.
Winter months first entry 0800 - last entry 1700
Summer months first entry 07.00 - last entry 20.00
How do I amend my booking?
You can change your appointment via the link on your confirmation email. This must be done at least 12 hours before your session is due to start.
What is your policy on dog poo?
Our poo policy is that if you see it you pick it up. Given the size of the field, it is possible you may miss your dog’s poo, but we ask that if you see any poo you pick it up and someone else will see your dog’s poo and pick it up. Let’s keep the fields clean and dog poo free for everyone’s enjoyment. You must watch your dogs at all times and ensure you pick up after them. There is an emergency supply of poo bags in Kohl's Kabin should you get caught short. Please place the poo bags in the dog waste bins provided.
Is there any shelter in the field for bad weather?
Yes. Kohl's kabin is provided for sheltering from the elements, has a seat, poo bags, first aid kit and a list of emergency contact numbers. There is a STRICT no smoking policy within this shelter. Please remember the Kabin is exposed and susceptible to strong winds. Please take care when opening and closing the door and ensure you close it fully. We have recently added Saoirse's shelter, a large field shelter.
Do you suppy drinking water?
We supply drinking water from a water butt and also running water throughout the year. Please note that there is no running water provided during the winter as the hose is prone to freezing. We would also recommene that you bring your own water during the winter as we cannot prevent the water butt tap from freezing.